Event Preview: What to Expect at Startup Game Changer Summit 4.0

Startup Game Changer Summit 4.0

Startup Game Changer 4.0 is just a few days away. The marquee networking startup event for startup founders and investors will be held on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 11300 Stanford Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92840. If you’re a startup founder or an investor wanting to elevate your game, ensure you’ve correctly marked your calendar accordingly. You should take advantage of visiting the event.

Startup Game Changer 4.0 is a networking event dedicated to exciting startups looking forward to getting funded and intrigued investors looking for an exciting startup investment opportunity. As many as over 200+ industry people belonging to the startup ecosystem are expected to grace this business start-up event. Moreover, startup founders can talk to over a dozen angel investors and venture capitalists. They can learn, meet, and interact with the best industry experts to enhance their relationships, leading to their firm’s overall growth and a chance of getting funded.

Agenda for Startup Game Changer Summit 4.0

After successfully holding SGC Summit 1, 2, and 3, the SGC 4.0 event for startups has gotten even bigger and better. This time, the SGC Summit will have 50+ angel investors, 60+ investors, 16+ pitching startups, and 200+ attendees gracing this day-long event at Garden Grove.

The power-packed agenda for the event includes the commencement session, which starts with registration and networking. After that, you’ll have opening remarks from our esteemed panel from the Orange County Startup Ecosystem.

More fun and excitement begin in the second half of the event. A half-hour networking event will be followed by a dedicated session for startup pitches, the most exciting part of the summit. Here, six pre-selected startup founders will pitch their ideas to angel investors. The time allotted for pitching will be three minutes per startup founder and then five minutes for Q&A.

David Friedman, Chairman Emeritus, TCA Venture Group, and Shaun Sanders, J.D., Startup Pitch & Fundraising Expert, will oversee the pitching session, offering their valuable suggestions and tips to startup founders wherever required. Soon, there’ll be a ‘snacks and networking break.’ During the break, you can visit exhibit booths and directly interact and mingle with other speakers, investors, and founders, enhancing your personal rapport with them.

Also, there’ll be another pitching session late at noon when six more pre-selected startup founders will be pitching new business to investors and angels. Here, each startup founder will also get 3 minutes to present their pitches, followed by a 5-minute quick fire round for Q&A. The Demo Day app, one of the best pitching platforms for startup networking events, will manage the audience feedback and voting process.

A total of 12 startup pitches will be held at the event. Attendees can hear feedback on their startup pitches from the investor panel in the evening. It is a crucial part of the SGC 4.0 networking event, as startup founders can improve their business goals or adjust pitching techniques accordingly. 

Why Startup Game Changer 4.0 (SGC 4.0)?

Startup Game Changer 4.0 is a business networking summit for angel investors, venture capital investors, and startups. It provides a golden opportunity for startup founders to meet and interact directly with angel investors, pitching their startup ideas to them within the allocated time. Here, startups can forge relationships and enhance their rapport with angels for mutual collaboration, success, and growth. This is your golden ticket to connect with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and angel investors for startups looking for cutting-edge ventures and promising opportunities for early-stage investments.

The startup event can be an eye-opener for startup founders. SGC 4.0 can help startup founders learn about the types of questions that angel investors usually ask.

The summit will also help them understand how investors shortlist startups for funding. The breaks during the networking event are perfect for budding entrepreneurs to widen their business network. 

The summit will also have an exclusive Networking Happy Hour at the outdoor SteelCraft Garden Grove venue for more fun and conversation. Startup founders can send a thank you note to the investors they meet; they will contact them if they are interested.

How Can SGC 4.0 Elevate Your Business?

Get Live Feedback

Shortlisted startup founders get an opportunity to present their startup pitches live in front of angel investors. They will also get feedback later in the evening on their pitches. It will help startup founders improve their business model and also enhance their startup pitching skills.

Networking Option

SGC 4.0 can be a great networking opportunity to meet and interact with angel investors. Many investors might be looking for exciting startups to invest in. At these events, you can introduce your startup to them. If you are shortlisted, you may even get funded by some investor.

Practice Your Pitch

SGC 4.0 can be your ideal platform to pitch your business to investors. The meeting will allow you to deliver your pitch to a group of people who are interested in investing in companies.

A Learning Experience

You can also listen to 11 more pitches from other startup founders. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from them and try to understand what they are doing differently than yours. They can inspire you and even initiate conversations to include them in your network.

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, Startup Game Changer Summit 4.0 can be a win-win event for both investors and startup founders. After the success of our previous SGC Summits, we look forward to another valuable and exciting event on February 21 this year.

Though founders have various ways to raise money for their startup, one of the most popular methods of startup funding is to attend investor summits or this type of networking event. For more information or to buy tickets, please visit here.


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